mCaffeine acne control kit

Do you have Acne-Prone Skin? Here's What You Need in Your Control Kit

Acne is a skin problem that is caused when hair follicles plug with dead skin cells and oil. If your skin is vulnerable to acne or you are suffering from adult acne, then you need to set up a proper skincare routine to protect and nourish your skin.

Although acne is a common problem, it can have different effects on different skin types. Hence, it is necessary to follow a skin-care regime that is suitable for your skin type and at the same time effective in eliminating acne. For best results, you might consider following both morning and night skin-care routines. While your morning skin-care routine needs to have more hydrating and nourishing elements, your night skin-care regime needs to have healing elements. This can help you control your acne and give your skin a clearer and glowing look.

Let us know more about what you need to do for acne-control-

Following a step-by-step process is the best method to control acne. Here are some steps which can help you to reduce acne and nourish your skin.

Step 1. Cleanse your skin with a mild face cleanser-

The first step in every skin-care regime is to clean your face with a mild and suitable cleanser. While it is suggested that you cleanse your face at least twice a day, the morning face wash is quite an important step. For acne-prone skin, we suggest using a mild exfoliating face cleanser having skin-clearing and hydrating properties.

Step 2. Use a toner-

The pores of our skin could get clogged due to the accumulation of dirt and dust. Using a toner can help remove the very last traces of dirt and grime remaining even after you cleanse your face, thus minimising irritation, if any.

Step 3. Use a face serum-

Using a face serum can be effective in softening and nourishing your skin. You just need to apply a small quantity of a mild face serum to your skin and gently massage your face so that the serum penetrates in your skin pores.

Step 4. Use a moisturizer-

If you have acne-prone skin, then you might consider using different moisturizers for your morning and night skin-care regime.

In the morning, you can use a moisturizer that provides SPF protection and in your night skin-care regime you can use a moisturizer enriched with hyaluronic acid to heal and hydrate your skin.

Things to consider while following an acne-prone skin-care routine-

While following a skincare routine for acne-prone skin, there are certain things to consider. Here is a list of things to remember about your acne-control skin care regime-

  • The order of applying skin-care products to your skin can be different for each person. So, you can consult a dermatologist to understand more about the steps to follow in a skin-care routine for acne.
  • Using excessive skin-care products or changing them frequently can trigger your acne and make it even worse. So, we suggest the use of limited, suitable products consistently for better results.
  • Remember that no skin-care product can provide instant results on your acne problem. Hence, you need to stay patient and give your skin some time to heal.
  • Not every product is appropriate for everyone. Some products can have adverse effects on your skin. So, if you feel that a certain product is harsh for your skin, then stop using it immediately and consult with your dermatologist right away.

Acne is a common problem that is generally faced by teenagers and youngsters. However, adult acne is less common but might cause long-term damage to your skin. There can be many underlying causes for adult acne like hormonal imbalance, inflammation, stress, exposure to a polluted atmosphere or excess accumulation of oil, dirt and dust.

So, if you are someone who has acne-prone skin and wants to start a skin-care regime for dealing with that problem, then you might consider using the mCaffeine acne control kit. This kit comprises a face wash, face scrub and face mask and can provide much-needed exfoliation and nourishment to your skin. These products are enriched with the goodness of Arabica coffee which is known for its exfoliating and nourishing properties. Hence, this kit can work wonders on your acne-prone skin and help you get clear and blemish-free skin.

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