How to Choose the Perfect Shade of Lipstick for Every Occasion: Exploring 16 Shades of Lipstick

How to Choose the Perfect Shade of Lipstick for Every Occasion: Exploring 16 Shades of Lipstick

Have you ever bought a lipstick that looked good in pictures but did not suit your skin tone after application? This might happen if you choose a shade that is incompatible with your skin type and features. However, if you choose the right one, you can slay the look for every occasion.

But the real question is how to choose the "right lipstick colour"? Well, there are three key factors that you need to emphasise one-

  • Skin tone
  • Skin Type
  • The occasion for which you are choosing the shade

This article will help you to pick the right type of lipstick suitable for your skin tone. We will also know more about the 16 shades of lipstick that you can find on Minifeel.

Selecting the right lipstick as per your skin tone-

Usually, our skin has two tones- overtone and undertone. Overtone defines our complexion and the undertone is the subtle hue that is seen under the skin's surface. There are 5 prime undertones namely- Fair, light, medium, tanned and dark. And there are 3 prime skin overtones namely- Neutral, warm and cool. Warm, and Neutral. Based on these categories, you can easily recognize your skin tone and choose the right lipstick shades using these steps-

Determine your skin overtone

  • If your skin is pale, translucent and has visible freckles, then you have a complexion.
  • If your skin has a bright tone, gets sunburned easily and has visible then you have a light complexion.
  • If your skin is glowing and has a shade of pink or yellow, then you have a medium complexion.
  • If your skin has a brownish shade then your complexion is tanned. 
  • If you have thicker skin with dark brown as a prominent tone, then your skin is deep. 

After determining your skin tone, here are some suggestions for lipstick colours which you can choose from

  • Best-suited lipstick shades for deep skin tone- Bronze, copper brown, red and maroon. 
  • Best-suited lipstick tones for a tanned complexion- Taupe, Nude, Nude pink, brown.
  • Best-suited lipstick tones for medium skin tone-Red, brown, maroon, nude and fuchsia.
  • Best suited lipstick tones for light complexion-Rose pink, red, nude, brown, orange, taupe 
  • Best-suited lipstick tones for fair complexion-
  • Shades of red and peach. 

Step 2- Pick the right texture in lipstick according to your skin tone-

Along with the right tone, you also need to select the right texture of lipstick to suit your skin tone. Also, you need to consider the occasion before selecting the texture of the lipstick. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the right one-

Satin and sheer texture-

This texture gives your lips a soft and moisturized look. This texture is suitable for a no-makeup look. Moreover, this lipstick texture looks amazing during night parties and functions.

Creamy textures-

Lipsticks with creamy texture are easy to apply and give better coverage. Also, they are perfect to wear at any time of the day or for any occasion as they make your lips look hydrated and plump.

Matte texture-

If you are looking for subtle and long-lasting lipstick, then a matte-textured one is the perfect one for you. These lipsticks are perfect for office wear or formal occasions. Also, these are waterproof, and ultra-lightweight.

Glossy texture

This is a perfect texture that gives your lips a moist look. This type of lipstick is perfect to use during night parties, weddings, and daytime occasions.

Metallic textured lipsticks-

Metallic lipsticks give your lips a shimmery look and make them look plump and fuller.

16 shades of lipstick apart from the above-mentioned tips, you might also consider factors such as the cost of the lipstick and its quality before picking the perfect one. Also, you need to experiment a lot before finding the right lipstick colour which is suitable for your skin type. All you need to do is to try various lip colours before determining the final one. You might also consider experimenting with different shades like neon pink, orange, purple or navy blue. At Minifeel, you can find a combo of 16 shades of lipsticks by Just Herbs packed in a single box. This packet is filled with versatile shades which are perfect for every skin tone and skin type. So, browse through our collection and pick this combo now!
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