The Importance of an Anti-pollution Kit for City Dwellers

The Importance of an Anti-pollution Kit for City Dwellers

Urban life is hectic, and busy but also exhilarating. However, it also has some disadvantages particularly when it comes to your skin. The dangerous pollutants in the environment might affect your skin adversely. However, by following a proper anti-pollution skincare routine, you can effectively deal with problems such as dull skin, early ageing, tenderness, pigmentation and dryness. 

Here we have listed 7 prime reasons why you need to follow an anti-pollution skincare regime.

1. You stay in an environment that is filled with unwanted pollutants-

Did you know people living in cities are up to 10 per cent more vulnerable to early ageing, skin dullness and pigmentation? If you live in an urban setup, then pollution is a major threat to the well-being of your skin.

Your skin is always vulnerable to pollutants like smog, dust and traffic fumes. So, the only solution to deal with this issue is a regular anti-pollution skincare regime.  

2. You are noticing early signs of ageing-

The free radicals of pollutants in the air are the main cause of early ageing. The pollutants like smog and smoke produce free radicals which might come in contact with your skin and cause fine wrinkles and fine lines.

We deal with this, we advise you to try the mCaffeine anti-pollution kit which helps in tightening your skin and preventing it from premature ageing. 

3. Your skin looks uneven and pigmented-

Poor air quality might cause uneven skin darkening, which is also known as hyperpigmentation. Non-gaseous and gaseous contaminants enter the skin and result in the creation of brown spots on your face. These brown spots might worsen and lead to uneven skin tone.

4. You have started noticing the formation of blackheads forming on your face-

The little black spots which you see on the surface of your skin, are known as blackheads.

If the pores get blocked with dead skin cells and are filled with extra sebum, blackheads begin to form. Humidity and contaminants present in the atmosphere might also cause blackheads.

5. Your skin is turning vulnerable to breakouts-

Environmental attackers like smog, smoke, and toxins can clog your pores and lead to the creation of acne. If you have greasy, acne-prone skin, then it is eminent that you wash your face twice a day and keep your hair clean. You can use the mCaffeine anti-pollution kit to make sure that you keep the skin safe from such breakouts.

6. You are suffering from skin inflammation-

If your skin comes in contact with pollution, then the unwanted components come might penetrate deep into the layers of the skin and lead to skin inflammation. Inflamed skin leads to other problems like acne and rosacea.

7. If your skin looks dry-

If you have noticed that sometimes your skin looks dull putting makeup on? This might be due to pollution. Apart from toxins, your skin also comes in contact with contaminants created due to fires, power plants and vehicles. These pollutants have a combined effect on your skin which makes it look dehydrated and dull. To deal with these signs, you can try using a mCaffeine anti-pollution kit.

To deal with these issues, here is the skin care routine you might need to follow-


  • Cleanse your face at least twice a day to remove dirt, dust, pollutants and grime which amass on the surface of your skin throughout the day. This helps you to freshen the skin and prevent it from looking dull.
  • Use a serum in your anti-pollution skincare regime so that it can help you to protect the skin against drastic damage.
  • Use a moisturiser infused with SPF to keep your skin safe from harmful and harsh UV rays which might cause deep damage to your skin. 
  • Using sunscreen is essential before you step out of your home. You might also consider applying it after two to three hours or before you step into the sun again.  
  • You can also use a face scrub infused with the goodness of natural ingredients to protect your skin from damage and dullness. 


At Minifeel, we offer a range of skincare products to help you protect your skin from damage caused due to pollutants. So, browse through the collection and find amazing products like mCaffeine anti-pollution kit and more.

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