The Role Of Charcoal In Face Packs For Detoxifying And Brightening The Skin

The Role Of Charcoal In Face Packs For Detoxifying And Brightening The Skin

In this article, we have elaborated on the role played by charcoal as a key ingredient for brightening your skin. Charcoal helps you to eliminate dirt from skin pores, lightens dull skin and is suitable for almost every skin type.   

Activated charcoal can make magic on your skin by eliminating blackheads, providing detox to your skin and making it look clear and bright. Also, charcoal products can be used both on dry as well as oily skin types. 

What are the basic uses of charcoal for skincare?

A charcoal face pack is the latest trend in the world of skin care. These face packs and face masks are popular for detoxifying qualities and for giving them a smooth and bright appearance. 

With a rise in population, there are a lot of factors like pollutants, allergens, and dirt particles which get stuck in your skin and can lead to clogged pores, dullness in complexion, and the appearance of spots on your skin. However, with the use of charcoal, you can unclog these pores, tighten your skin and provide deep cleansing. You can use the Bombay shaving company charcoal face pack for enhanced results. 

Benefits of using charcoal face packs for skin care

Brightens and lightens the skin Your skin is exposed to a lot of pollution, harmful UV rays, dirt, dust, and bacteria which cause the formation of dead skin, blackheads and clogged pores. Also, the natural oil which is secret from your skin gets accumulated on the face giving it an oily and dull look. However, charcoal face packs and face masks can save your skin from such damage. They eliminate accumulated dirt and grime from your face giving your skin a bright and hydrated look. 

Provides deep cleansing to the pores-

Using a face pack or face mask with activated charcoal can help you in giving your skin deep cleansing and purification. It helps you to reduce blackheads, eradicate dirt, dust, and grime and make your skin look clean, clear and oil-free. This face wash penetrates deep in your skin pores and clears all the dirt which has settled deep in the skin pores. This type of deep purification ensures clean pores and healthy skin which is free from unwanted elements and pollutants.

Cleans your dead skin cells-

A charcoal face pack provides freedom from stubborn blackheads as well as dead skin cells. So, once you figure out how to use the face wash in the right way, you can easily scrub off all the dead skin from your skin surface. If you pair the face pack with charcoal face wash, then you will experience additional benefits of this combination. 

Suitable for dry and oily skin 

The best thing about a charcoal face pack is that it is suitable for all skin types. For dry skin, it provides hydration and moisture while for oily skin it helps you in eliminating access to oil from your face by regulating the oil production. So, no matter which type of skin you have, you can always opt for a charcoal face pack for your skincare routine. 

Eliminates acne-

Sometimes, acne might leave behind unwanted scars and marks. However, charcoal works as a hero and saves your skin from damage. It is one of the most effective solutions for eliminating acne-causing factors like dead skin, sebum or clogged pores. So, if you use the charcoal face pack in the right way, then you can minimise skin problems like acne, pimple, rashes, inflammation, dullness and more. 

How to use a charcoal face pack correctly?

  • Before applying a charcoal face pack, cleanse your face with a mild cleanser to eliminate peripheral pollutants and dirt.  
  • Apply an even layer of face pack, except your eyes and lips. Apply the face pack gently without exerting access pressure on your skin. 
  • Wait till your face pack dries. Then slowly rinse your skin with clean water. If you are using a peel-off face mask, wait till the mask completely dries and then peel it off slowly. Avoid keeping it for more time than required. 
  • Rinse off your face again to wash the residue. 
  • After using a charcoal face pack, or face mask always use a gentle moisturiser to get a hydrated look and glowing complexion.  

 So, if you are looking for a premium charcoal face pack for your skin, then the Bombay shaving company charcoal face pack is the right option for you. 

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