Dot n Key Vitamin C Moisturizer

Unlock the Perfect Balance of Hydration with Dot n Key Vitamin C Moisturizer

The Dot n Key vitamin C moisturizer available at Minifeel is one of the best products which helps you get soft, glowing and radiant skin. It is enriched with the goodness of vitamin C which fights pigmentation and dark spots. Also, repairs skin damage through damage by neutralisation of free radicals and reverses dullness to give your skin a radiant glow and even tone. Here are some of the prime advantages of using skin care products enriched with the goodness of vitamin C. Read on know more.

Vitamin C which is also known as ascorbic acid is a water-soluble nutrient that plays a key role in maintaining the health of your skin. Thanks to its antioxidant, anti-pigmentary, and anti-aging properties, it is clinically proven to have ample benefits for your skin. Some of them are listed below-

  • Create collagen to make your skin look plump and youthful 
  • Fight dark spots
  • Repairs damaged skin
  • Eradicates wrinkles and fine lines
  • Brightens your skin tone
  • Reduces dark spots
  • Prevents signs of ageing

Reduces dark circles-

Vitamin C helps in preventing or reducing dark circles by strengthening your skin under the eyes. The anti-oxidant properties of Vitamins C make your skin resilient and look radiant.

Stimulates production of collagen-

Vitamin C is an essential element for making your skin look smooth and young by producing collagen. It makes your skin plump and firm while controlling signs of ageing.

Treats pigmentation-

Pigmentation is a condition caused due to exposure to harsh UV rays. Although it was harmless, still it might make your skin look older and dull. The use of vitamin C effectively reduces pigmentation and makes your skin look glowing.

Nourishes your skin-

Vitamin C is effective in retaining moisture and keeping it smooth, plump and hydrated. It is an essential element in nourishing your skin and protecting it from internal and external damage.

Decreases redness of skin-

Uneven and red skin might be the result of inflammation caused due to excessive exposure to the sun, hormonal changes or other medical conditions. However, vitamin C helps in reducing this redness and provides a smoother and even more complexion to your skin.

How to vitamin C for your skin?

Whether you have oily skin, dry skin or a combination of both, vitamin C will surely be beneficial for you to make it feel healthier and younger longer. This vitamin can be used in two ways- Through nutritional intake and by external application.

Nutritional intake-

Consumption of foods that are rich in vitamin C, like berries, lime, and oranges can offer several health benefits. However, the mere consumption of vitamins through food will not bring a noticeable change to your skin. This is because dietary vitamin C might reach the lower levels of your skin, but will not reach and affect the top layers of the skin. This is why the external application of skin care products enriched with vitamin C becomes important and necessary.

External application-

When induced externally, vitamin C gets absorbed directly in the top layers of the skin, enabling it to make a difference immediately. It smoothens your skin, reduces dark circles, and fine lines and protects your skin from free radicals and pollutants.

Vitamin C is a core ingredient used in dot n key vitamin C moisturizert which gets easily absorbed into the skin and provides your skin with much-needed nourishment and care. According to the majority of research, vitamin C can give the best results when applied externally.

What are the ways of using vitamin C and how often should one use it?

You need to apply skin care products enriched with vitamin C externally 1-2 times a day during the morning and night. You need to follow the directions mentioned on the pack which comes with the product, Also, if you sense any type of damage or sensitivity to your skin, you might consider reducing the concentration or consulting with the skin care experts regarding the use of the product.

What are the products which you need to use for optimum results?

For best results, you might consider using the following products enriched with vitamin C-

  • Vitamin C Face wash
  • Vitamin C Toner
  • Vitamin C serum
  • Vitamin C Moisturizer
  • Vitamin C Sunscreen lotion

Before you continue with these products, you need to test its patch on the part of your skin and notice how your skin reacts to it. Although some slight tingling is normal, still if you experience anything intense irritation, then you might need to stop using the product and consult with a skin care expert at the earliest. So, browse through Minifeel to pick a Dot n Key vitamin c moisturizer and enhance the glow, texture and hydration of your skin.

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