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Buy face scrub for dry skin and face scrub for oily skin from Minifeel

If dead skin cells build up on the skin surface, it may result in dryness, dull complexion and discolouration of the skin. This is why face scrubs which are specially curated for dry skin or oily skin work best to rejuvenate your skin and help in dealing with uneven complexion.

Benefits of using special face scrubs for dry and oily skin types-

Here we have listed some prime benefits of using face scrubs if you have oily and dry skin types-

Remove dead skin cells-

Your skin comes in contact with various pollutants which leads to the formation of dead skin cells. However, an exfoliating face wash will help you to get rid of these pollutants and revive your skin.

Unclog pores of your skin-

The skin might get clogged due to the generation of dirt, pollutants and oil leading to skin damage, acne and breakouts. Hence, it is essential to use a special face wash that unclogs the pores and makes your skin free from oil and dirt.

Get rid of flaky skin-

The dryness on your face leads to flakes and hampers your appearance. However, with an exfoliating face wash, you can get rid of these flakes and make your skin appear smooth and refined.

Tips for choosing face scrubs for oily skin and dry skin-

Face scrub for dry skin-

If you have oily skin, then look for a face scrub that can exfoliate your skin and provide nutrition to your skin. A good face scrub can eliminate excess oil and provide a refined look to your skin.

Face scrub with dry skin-

For dry skin, you need to look out for a face scrub which has a creamy texture and is full of moisturising oils. This type of face scrub can soften your skin and help in eliminating flaky texture and dryness.

At Minifeel, we offer effective face scrubs for dry skin and also for oily skin. So, check out our collection and choose the ones which are suitable for your skin type. We  also have some great face scrub for oily skin and blackheads and natural face scrub dry skin options as well as the very popular best face scrub for oily skin in India which is mcaffeine green tea face scrub.


Can I use face wash for dry skin?

Yes, using a face wash which has ingredients compatible with dry skin can be effective for making your dry skin look hydrated and supple.

Is vitamin C face wash good for dry skin?

Using vitamin C face wash helps by hydrating your dry skin and making it look soft and bright.

How to find the right face wash for dry skin?

While choosing face wash for dry skin, you should check its ingredients. You need to choose the facewash which can eliminate excess oil, provide hydration to your skin and also provide ample nourishment. You can purchase the very popular best face scrub for oily skin in India which is mcaffeine green tea face scrub online from Minifeel